HUNTRESS for back2

Huntress is Part Three of the Hunter Series.  It is a sexy and thrilling end to the Hunter Series.

Audra has had enough of being hunted.

Now Audra is on the hunt to find out who is blackmailing her.  She enlists the ex-cop who was tailing her.  She is set on uncovering the secrets behind the blackmail.

What is the truth behind the identity that Hunter Wallace has assumed while dating Audra?

Will Audra and Hunter’s fragile new love be able to withstand the secrets from their pasts?

Huntress…Audra Weston will not be hunted anymore…

Audra goes on the offensive to uncover the truth and protect her newfound relationship with Hunter Wallace. Will she be able to survive the past that haunts her?

Will Hunter be able to save her in time? Or will saving her could cost him his freedom, and maybe his life?

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